Katalin - a Transformation Game for an audio archive


Katalin is a Transformation Game for a small number of players, a darkened room and an audio cassette archive.

Katalin Juhász passed away on December the 26th 2015 at the age of seventy-two. A loner and old maid her entire life, she left behind 3 boxes containing a startling number of catalogued audio cassettes containing private conversations, field and ambience recordings and collages of stray sounds. 'Katalin' is the first experiment to explore this remarkable, real-life archive.
'Katalin' is a shared experience of deep listening and deep responding. We will be guided through different playful exercises in imagination and attention; exploring and engaging with the sounds past, in order to re-imagine and transform the present.

Play Katalin:
Saturday April the 13th 14.00-18.30 at Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam
Limited to 15 players, please sign up in advance!
Facebook RSVP

The Critical Escape - talk and publication

Children playing in a suburban park, photographed by David Seymour - 1948, Budapest, Hungary

Children playing in a suburban park, photographed by David Seymour - 1948, Budapest, Hungary

I’m happy to invite you to my talk, titled ‘The Critical Escape’, on June 23rd Saturday, at 17.00 in the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam. This talk will be an introduction to Transformation Games, as well as a launch of a new research project, called What is Within?’.
A printed publication of the talk can be picked up during the event, designed by Márton Kabai.
You can find the digital version here: 

Download The Critical Escape PDF 

The event is free of charge, but you need to reserve a ticket via the EYE website.
The talk is happening within the context of the Master of Film Program’s Artistic Research Week. You can RSVP on Facebook by clicking here. This talk is a joint event with Croatian artist Sabina Mikelic. 

DIM premiere at STROOM Uncertainty Seminars

DIM premiere at STROOM Uncertainty Seminars

Last week the Transformation Game 'DIM' had its first official premiere at STROOM's Uncertainty Seminars: The Strange Escape. The event was followed by a symposium on speculative futures, black utopias, role-playing and embodied design. Other participants included larp-expert and experience designer Johanna Koljonen, the graphic designer collective Rodina, theorists Ramon Amaro & Conrad Moriarty-Cole and performer Jude Crilly.

Thanks to Ilga Minjon and STROOM for organising this event!
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from  '  Inside Looking Out  ' - 2016 - photo: Ludic Collective

from  'Inside Looking Out' - 2016 - photo: Ludic Collective


Secret Fiction Lab | Winter 2017 - 27/01-04/02
at CLOUD Danslab, The Hague
info and signup - http://secretfiction.eu/

Starting from 2017, Secret Fiction Lab is inviting participants to engage in sessions, where get to explore different realities, fictional scenarios and situations in a safe and playful environment, that is created by us and exists only for us.
We play games, try out exercises, play out small rituals. After the session we collect, and share our experiences with eachother.
Each session is tailored to accommodate newcomers, so you can join anytime you like.

If you like playing, moving around in a room with others, and/or interested in a largely unexplored territory between rituals, art and the everyday, this is the place for you!