SEE is a short, guided Transformation Game for large number of participants.


"But what am I going to see?
I don't know. In a certain sense, it depends on you."
— Stanisław Lem (Solaris)


In our culture we rarely interact with strangers.

Even though we encounter strangers every day, share spaces with them, travel together, and even follow or obstruct their path.
We see strangers, and we are seen as strangers all the time.
SEE invites you to suspend your notion of a stranger and join us in an experience where we playfully, yet bravely approach the unknown, as one.

In the game you are given a role and a task, which both help you to formulate an experience for yourself and for the others you encounter in the game.

SEE was premiered at Come Together #3 at Frascati, Amsterdam on 20th of January 2017.
Assistant: Marit Mihklepp
Photos by Julia Willms